Modern British History analyzes economic and political events within the United Kingdom, providing historical context and relevant primary sources geared toward a wide audience. The goal is to provide insight into aspects of British society through the integration of key ideas, perspectives, and historical methodologies.

Articles mainly focus on the history and legacy of the British Empire from the eighteenth-century onwards. The blog separates articles based on general categories (e.g. “Economics” or “Politics”), but does so with the understanding that often such disciplines are deeply intertwined with one another. Furthermore, it should be noted that the study of British history is a global endeavor. From the plains of Sub-Saharan Africa to the islands of the South Pacific, imperial ambitions of those who sought to expand the empire were outward looking and inherently transnational. Indeed, it was Cain and Hopkins who described the role of imperialism as a globalizing force. Given these complications, the blog seeks to portray the empire as a dynamic, evolving entity that is associated with all the complexities of overseas expansion.

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons / Cambridge University Library

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