The Making of the Triple Entente

Discourse on the alliance systems of World War I focuses on the disputes between countries of the Triple Alliance and of the Triple Entente, and in particular how such pacts shaped continental politics. According to scholar Paul Hayes, both the Austro-German and Franco-Russian alliances "formed solid, opposing elements in the European political system." Furthermore, these alliances became … Continue reading The Making of the Triple Entente

The British Response to the Russian Revolution

The centennial of the Russian Revolution marks the anniversary of one (or rather, two) of the most iconic political upheavals in modern history. These two revolutions, which occurred 100 years ago this year, have captured the interests of the hypothetical scholars (What if the the coup had failed to topple the provisional government?), Marxist historians … Continue reading The British Response to the Russian Revolution

Hong Kong: Twenty Years Later

On July 1, 1997, British and Chinese representatives attended the Hong Kong handover ceremony in Wan Chai. The assembly witnessed the transfer of the island's sovereignty from the United Kingdom to the People's Republic of China (PRC). In the course of Sino-British diplomatic relations, the build-up to the transfer represented one of the most symbolic … Continue reading Hong Kong: Twenty Years Later

Cecil Rhodes, The Face of British Imperialism

On the front of the Rhodes Building at Oriel College, Oxford stands the statue of Cecil Rhodes, the Prime Minister of the Cape Colony (1890-1896). The figure was installed after Rhodes' £100,000 gift to the university, his alma mater, upon his death. But, in recent years, the statue has received criticism from those who want to see … Continue reading Cecil Rhodes, The Face of British Imperialism


Modern British History analyzes economic and political events within the United Kingdom, providing historical context and relevant primary sources geared toward a wide audience. The goal is to provide insight into aspects of British society through the integration of key ideas, perspectives, and historical methodologies. Articles mainly focus on the history and legacy of the British Empire from … Continue reading Introduction