The Orations of Winston Churchill

The Orations of Winston Churchill provides historical analysis and context to some of the most important speeches made by Sir Winston Churchill. Often viewed as one of the greatest orators of the twentieth century, Churchill delivered a myriad of powerful messages over the course of his political career. The presence of domineering rhetorical devices and his erudite attention to detail were just some of the noted characteristics of his work. Historians have even noted his skillful usage of the English language as a whole, presenting “usually short words, Anglo-Saxon words, [and] Shakespearean [prose].” In such a manner, the speeches and orations of Winston Churchill both represent the remarkable ability of words, language, and diction to move audiences, as well as provide insight into the political life of Churchill through his speeches.

Speech Date
Speech on the Trade Unions April 22, 1904
The Liberties of Britain January 10, 1910
War Office Memorandum May 12, 1919
Abdication of King Edward VIII December 10, 1936
“I Have Watched this Famous Island” March 24, 1938
The Defence of Freedom and Peace October 16, 1938
War Speech to the House of Commons September 3, 1939
“Blood, Toil, Tears, and Sweat” May 13, 1940
“We Shall Fight on the Beaches” June 4, 1940
“Their Finest Hour” June 18, 1940
The Few August 20, 1940
“Every Man to His Post” September 11, 1940
“Give Us the Tools” February 9, 1941
“You Do Your Worst And We Will Do Our Best” July 14, 1941
“Never Give In” October 29, 1941
Christmas Speech December 24, 1941
Speech to the US Congress December 26, 1941
“Some Chicken, Some Neck” December 30, 1941
The Surrender of Germany May 8, 1945
Victory in Europe May 8, 1945
The Invasion of France June 6, 1944
Sinews of Peace, or “The Iron Curtain” March 5, 1946
“The United States of Europe” September 19, 1946
The Council of Europe August 17, 1949
“Never Despair” March 1, 1955

Image Credit: Imperial War Museums